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The history of rugby in the Republic of Moldova began in 1967, when the former “Burevestnik” Odessa playerVladimir Blizniuk, created the first rugby team at the Polytechnic Institute in Chisinau. In 2017, rugby in Moldova celebrated its 50th anniversary and during this period there were moments of glory and moments of decline.

In 2011, our rugby team produced a real surprise on the international arenaby achieving unexpected results. Our national team defeated Germany, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands in Chisinau and achieved a draw in a dramatic match against Poland.
In 2007, the national rugby-7 team took 
the 3rd place at the European Rugby-7 Championship.

However, over the past three years, our team has not won a single match. The golden generation of rugby players, which achieved exceptional results over the past ten years, is leaving, and the new generation has not yet grown.

In 2014, the Chisinau Rugby Association was founded, the purpose of which is to promote, develop rugby in schools and educate a new generation of players. Since 2014, the Association has been organizing competitions for children such in Rugby Tag and X-rugby. The Association has been organizing for the past 4 years the Rugby-7 tournament Vladimir Blizniuk Memorial".

Now in Chisinau there are teams in 20 schools out of 146 schools of the municipality. We want this sport to be implemented in all the schools of the municipality

At the moment, the Association requires help to continue implementing the ongoing programs. We need financial assistance for the purchase of balls, equipment, tags and other necessary items. In addition, we also need to build a stadium where children, future players of the national team, will train. We need a new home - a stadium for the future golden generation of Moldovan rugby. To continue the current projects and build a sports infrastructure, we require about $ 95,000. We count on the support of all rugby fans and of those who care about Moldovan children. We are convinced, that due to your support, the dream of several generations of rugby fans will come true.

Thank you for your assistance.

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