Mother asks support for Roveliu who is ill with hydronephrosis

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Name Roveliu
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Some people are thinking how to spend the New Year, others what to do on vacation, while I think how and where to operate my child... Until you find yourself in such a situation, it is impossible to imagine what life is, what turn it may take it and what is the price of life. I never thought that I would write here, but life made me do it, and my child is my life. I think it can be said of any parent, this is normal.

I would like to call on you, people with big heart, to help my child. I want all this to be over so I could see his eyes shining with happiness and his kidney healthy again. I know the world is full of good people and sometimes in life miracles happen. Despite the fact that it is the period of winter holidays, there are people who could support us morally and financially, with their prayers, their kindness. Let us become better! I have no words to express my feelings of gratitude to you! I would like to say thank you and to wish you happy holidays near beloved ones!

With gratitude and respect, mother Tatiana.

Campaign began in 1 December 2016
In how many days was collected 216
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Dar din dar se face rai...Banii care au fost donati in plus pt micuțul Roveliu, mămica a hotarît săi doneze micutului David. Fii sănătos Davidush. Din inima, pentru ca așa e omeneste❤️
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11 Dec, 2016

Little Roveliu has passed the medical examination in Turkey. Now his situation is clear and the doctors have a full and detailed picture of his condition. Now the most important thing is the treatment. The sum necessary to treat little Roveliu is 15 000 euros.

Please support and give hope for a cure to this little Child. It’s time to make a miracle!

1 Dec, 2016

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