Ozone therapy equipment to combat COVID-19

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Ladies and gentlemen!
Medical facilities in most countries of the world were practically unprepared for the dramatic expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world. The statistics of this pandemic, the tragic dynamics of deaths show that none of us is protected from the risk and in any moment we may require urgent medical attention. At the same time, we must recognize that at present, no drug guarantees 100% recovery. Continuous clinical research and monitoring of the development of patients with COVID 19, analytical studies in many leading medical institutions around the world have revealed technologies that can facilitate the condition of patients and help accelerate the process of treatment and recovery. Specialists from Russia, Europe, the USA, China draw our attention to ozone therapy devices that provide blood, lymph and body cells with oxygen, restore the function of the affected lungs, which leads to an improvement in the patient's conditions. Many experts argue that ozone in many cases is as effective as mechanical ventilation. This device can help patients with COVID-19 who are in a difficult situation.
Dear friends, colleagues, business representatives, citizens of the Republic of Moldova, the Medical Fund “Valeriu Ghereg” invites you to take part in a sponsorship campaign aimed at acquiring the OZONE THERAPY device for the IMSP IMU unit. The estimated cost of the device is 12,000 euros. Information on the development and implementation of the project will be absolutely transparent and accessible both to the press and on the Internet. In addition, we will publish the names of all those who have shown goodwill and solidarity, and found the opportunity to contribute and support people in this difficult timed for all of us.

Best regards,
Dr. Ion Chesov, Associate Professor,
Executive Director of the Medical Fund

“Valeriu Ghereg”

Campaign began in 8 May 2020
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