Social campaign "Help the Elderly"

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Dear friends,

We are experiencing a period in life that is completely new to us and that will undoubtedly leave a visible trace on the whole world. However, difficulties must unite us, because together we are stronger.
The COVID-19 virus has no preferences, it attacks everyone, but among the most vulnerable people are the elderly. It is very important to follow the recommendations and stay at home for coronavirus not to spread. However, we cannot be indifferent to lonely elderly persons who cannot be helped by their sons or daughters, nephews or grandchildren, other relatives who could provide them with a piece of bread.
PRO MOLDOVA invites us to solve this problem by granting them the necessary support.
As part of the solidarity campaign, we are launching an action to help the elderly, who must remain isolated during this period in order to reduce the risk of contracting the new coronavirus.

Help the elderly. For only 50 lei, you can help an elderly person with a package of products that he or she requires.

Package contains:

Let's help at least 1,000 elderly persons together.
In isolation, but together PRO MOLDOVA.

Campaign began in 1 April 2020
In how many days was collected 25
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In numele Domnului Isus Hristos
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1 Apr, 2020

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