Together in Support for the Elderly

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We continue to support older people from Moldova, the most burdened, the most helpless, but the best and brightest we have ever known. These are images of pain
These are images of reality, these are images of our villages... Looks, sad looks and stories that cry for help...
The elderly look at this reality with a heartbreakingly sad smile, they have little hope for the best, only pain and despair... Dear friends, take a look at these images... Their kind hearts seem to be forever covered with poverty and suffering... And wherever you are, no matter what country you live in... take a look at these images... Embrace their looks, tears and help these old people, and God will only rejoice. Become their hero, because not a single old man, not a single child deserve such a fate! Give them a ray of hope by making a small donation! Every month we join together to support the elderly

Videos of our visits can be found on our youtube channel: Caritate în Moldova.

Campaign began in 27 April 2022
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