Together in support of a father who raise two minor children after the death of his wife

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A father with two minor children, one of whom is 6 months old and the other 4 years old, needs our help. 

This happened in the village of Slobozia, in the Stefan Voda district, after the man's wife died a month after giving birth, and the man, who had previously taken care of his disabled brother, as well as three other grandchildren, took full responsibility for these children. Now he is raising his children and taking care of four more relatives. This way, seven people reside in two rooms of a dilapidated house. When it rains, the roof leaks, and to protect themselves from the cold, they cover the windows with a special foil. Despite the fact that he was offered to send minors to an orphanage, the man refused. The entire family lives on child support and the brother's disability pension. His grandchildren still work seasonally. They recently received extra help for toddlers, but their biggest problem at the moment is their home, which is damaged and won't be able to withstand major repairs. 

Firstly, the foundation is weak, and in order to provide a safe roof for children, it must be demolished and a new one built. It’s impossible for them to do that, as the monthly allowance the man receives for the children is only 3500 lei. On Saturday, Gennady's two grandchildren tried to dig a ditch to build a fence between neighbors. The 17- and 19-year-old grandchildren do not complain about anything and are helping in raising the six-month-old baby.

The neighbors say that he is a kind and decent man. Since his wife died, he took full responsibility and is now both a father and a mother to them. 

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