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A message from relatives:

Solidarity for repatriation.

 Vasile Lungu and Vasile Slanina are two of the thousands Moldovans who have gone abroad in search of a better life. To our great regret, God had other plans for them. Both were found dead in a rented apartment in France. They died under unknown circumstances, and the cause of their death has not yet been established. People of goodwill, Vasile Lungu was the hope and the sole breadwinner in the family. He has two children who are still waiting for the day when their father will come back with the promised presents. We sincerely ask all kind-hearted people to contribute financially to the repatriation of these two brothers-in-law, to be buried in a Christian tradition, by their relatives.
We bow our heads in gratitude!

Campaign began in 12 December 2021
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