Together in support of sisters Corina and Catalina.

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Their life has been marked by a succession of tragedies. A year ago, sisters Corina and Catalina from the village of Chetrosu, Drochia district, lost their mother. They just started to cope with this tragedy when they suddenly lost their father. Deprived of warmth and parental care, the girls lived in a modest house provided by the municipality. However, at the beginning of August, their home was destroyed in a devastating fire. They became homeless, without a house to live in. Corina and Catalina desperately seek our help to have a new home. We ask you to lend a helping hand to these two sisters. Life has already been quite harsh on them, and now they don’t even have a home.

Campaign began in 11 September 2023
In how many days was collected 146
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FILIPP ALEXANDR 30 Jan, 2024 18:01
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ajutor material pu Campania pu surorile Corina și Cătălina (Împreună pentru surorile Corina și Cătălina)
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