21 Sep

A visit to Hospital Nr. 4 with heartfelt donations!

We are doing great things together, and we are very grateful to you, dear friends, for the fact that when we initiate a large social project for the future of our society, you support us and offer tremendous help to get everything off the ground.
Today we thank the Moldovans from the United States for the wonderful donation of wheelchairs that are so needed in the hospitals. We visited the hospital No. 4, where many palliative patients are hospitalized (some have no relatives who could visit them and spend the last days of their lives here). Thanks to our foundation, we were able to help with adult diapers, but we understand that they are utilized in a very short period of time, so any help or donations are welcome. Thank you, because little by little we succeed in doing something useful for our society. We wish doctors and nurses health and patience.