15 Feb

Adriana Proca, the saved destiny that thanks us for her LIFE!

Dear friends, Adriana Proca is infinitely grateful for her life. We also thank you for your dedication, for your kindness, for your sacrifices that save lives. Thank you for being there, thank you caring, we will always affirm that miracles in the lives of these people happen only thanks to kind people and Faith in God, because we manage to turn pain into hope, tears into smiles and gratitude and fear, helplessness, despair into LIFE. Everything that means kindness, devotion, generosity, humanity in general can be read on the faces of these saved people, without the need to explain to them how important this helping hand, our thoughts or prayers are. There is nothing more beautiful than rejoicing with them, because today they live, breathe and are grateful that God works through people. Adriana Proca never forgets to thank the people who saved her life, and we, in turn, thank you for all your generosity and care!