17 Dec offers the opportunity to make donations through MMPS Moldova terminals!

Dear friends, during the last few months we are surrounded by wonderful initiatives, we have more and more opportunities to come to the aid of people who are on the verge of despair. The team (MMPS Moldova) offered us a wonderful and good initiative. They managed to implement a simple and convenient donation system at all MMPS terminals for cases in which is involved. And besides the fact that now in any terminal you can make donations for cases posted on the website in the “charity” section, this wonderful team, on its own initiative, included the option “leave the change”. For example, by paying an invoice or any other service, the change remaining from the payment for this service can be redirected for cases published on We sincerely thank everyone who has already donated the change to From these option alone, we managed to collect 63 thousand lei. We would like to thank all Bpay customers who paid for the services through MMPS terminals, be sure that this amount goes to the campaign "Together in support of sick children". Once again, we would like to thank the team and clients of Bpay Moldova for caring and for sharing the same values that help us make this world a better place.

Yours faithfully, Team