13 Nov

Dreams come true - an anonymous donor provides support to children at risk from the Multifunctional Center.

We have always believed that beautiful and good deeds are made from the heart, so today we will talk about Happiness. Happiness that we cannot describe, but which we felt when we made dreams come true for 36 children at risk from the Multifunctional Center in the village of Cupcui. Once again we saw how easy it is to make a child happy, and how little they need for happiness: a robe or a pajama, a doll or a pair of sneakers ... This was the wishes of children of the Center and we appreciate that you helped us fulfill them. Thanks to all your donations, to your receptivity, some children received 2-3 gifts, although we tried to share everything equally. These are children who lived without parental warmth and affection, but today they have learned what it means to be a Kind Man. We are proud that we have so many guardian angels. Thank you for all these moments, for the feelings that we had when we gave them all these presents, we hope that these photos will reflect what we felt at that time. The most painful thing that I felt was the fear in their eyes when I wanted to hug them. These are children who are probably afraid of people, because each of them has gone through a lot of pain and suffering and they cannot even believe that outsiders can give them happiness and love. But today we are talking about happiness and these children are doubly happy, as an anonymous donor from distant shores made a big donation, which allowed us to buy them all the necessary things. He donated 19,500 euros. Thank you, dear donor, you will always be in our hearts. Now these wonderful children came up with the initiative to thank you personally and to show how grateful and happy they are.