08 Jul

Ionut Cociu returned to home as a WINNER!

Dear friends, it all happened because you believed in him, in this strong little boy. There were 5 months of torment, unbearable days and Ionut always used to say: “When the injections hurt me, Aunt Sveta, I close my eyes and think that I am at home in Moldova and they don’t hurt me anymore”. It’s over now, today Ionut is at home in Moldova and all the bad things are left behind. Ionut defeated cancer because he believed more than anyone else that he would win. We thank everyone for these moments. Thank you, dear donors, for your help, for the fact that you cared. Thank God for giving strength to Ionut, as well as to his mother, who went through a real nightmare... the pain of others is sometimes as strong as your own! Ionut thanks you for his Life.