08 Nov

Lavinia va multumeste pentru viata.

#savelavinia  I think a lot was left behind the scenes in Lavinia's case, and I did not provide all the details as I was afraid people wouldn’t donate ... This child was practically given the verdict of death ... but we refused to believe it, just like her parents and the Holy Lord did. And we were right. We insisted on saving her and in record time raised the necessary amount of money (45 thousand dollars in 38 hours), in record time we managed to transport her by private plane to Istanbul, for Lavinia to undergo surgery. The flight for Lavinia was decisive because she could die, but God had other plans for her and today she can enjoy life and a happy childhood without pain. Thanks to everyone who donated for Lavinia, thank you for her life, we kneel before the doctors and the Holy Lord for taking care of her. These are moments of great happiness and joy.

Best regards,
Svetlana Sainsus