06 Feb

Melisa Popa has defeated cancer!

Melissa promised and kept her word. The girl managed to win and showed everyone how strong she is. I remember how this little girl was denied in several clinics from abroad, as they was considering that she has no chance to survive ... and she has only one month left to live ... But no one can say, no one knows or has the right to determine the chances to live - only God. .. and he decided that Melissa should live and enjoy life with her parents and brother. Her brave mother, who sacrificed everything in order to be with her, fought to the last, even if no one else believed. She left the newborn baby at home, who now is just beginning to recognize her and get used to her ... ((... It was a very difficult period for her and she went through a lot this month, but today I saw a house full of happiness: a bright home filled with the energy and love, because Melissa had returned. Unfortunately, we could not get to the airport because the flights were delayed several times because of fog, but we immediately went to their home to enjoy these happy moments along with them. I thank everyone, who made donations for Melissa, everyone who believed in miracles. We are very grateful to Medicalpark Istanbul, because they believed, fought and managed to defeat the disease, in particular to Dr. Ceyhun Bozkurt, to whom Meliza became very close. Look how happy they are and try feel this happiness yourselves. Miracles exist and we must always believe in them. Melissa Popa defeated cancer and we thank God for everything.