10 Oct

Mihai Foca and Donations for Spinal Surgery

Mihai Foca from Grigoresti village in Singerei needed spinal surgery. The young man was looking for any opportunity to collect an amount of 2,000 euros to pay for the surgery.

After learning about the young man’s difficult financial situation, team consulted the neurosurgeon dr. Aurel Bodiu. Mr.Bodiu studied the diagnosis of 24-year-old Mihai and offered him a free surgery.

As a result, thanks to the generosity of Dr. Bodiu, Mihai Foca did not have to look for money anymore! This case have shown once again that the world consists of generous, helpful people, and that one the importantthings is to share your problems with others. team would like to thank from the heart neurosurgeon Aurel Bodiu for such a generous attitude towards the difficult situation of Mihai.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity!