15 Nov

Mihail Jigan - a young father who managed to beat a terrible disease

This is what happens when we unite and when kindness wins. When we stop to help those in need. I think that only this family and I know the anguish this father went through, so much pain and suffering for even the most courageous man to go through. He fought hard and won. He won because he didn't fight alone. And today he enjoys his newly born daughter... We are grateful for the life of Mihail and for the happiness that you gave to this family. The suffering of people in need is a burden for us all. As for donations, I remember that the situation was dire... however, the monthly donation proved to be decisive. Yes, the $2 or $5 a month that many of you automatically donate each month can save lives. We bow before you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I will leave a link for those who want to subscribe and make monthly donations and, perhaps, we will increase our family of heroes who care about these people, whose life largely depends on our kindness and solidarity. Thank you!