01 Jun

On the International Children's Day, team visited two orphanages!

Because there are children who never knew the true meaning of the word "childhood" .... Because there are children who have never said "mama" .... Because there are children who fall asleep, crying every night .... Because there are children to whom no one told bedtime stories .... and no one supported them in difficult moments .... no one told them "I love you" ..... These children need our love and our warmth. Every mother has enough love for all her children, and itnever fades away, no matter how much she offers. We wish all children in the world to be healthy and happy ... and we will be there for them, because they arealways waiting for us with open hearts. June 1 is their holiday. 
team decided to visit two orphanages, where they welcomed us with joy and warmth. Happy birthday to you, beautiful children!