15 Oct

On the international day of the blind and visually impaired, we decided to get closer to the Association “Speranta” from the city of Ialoveni.

Today we were genuinely impressed by the warmth and kindness of these wonderful people who are part of the Association of Blind and Visually Impaired in Ialoveni. Today we celebrate their day, the day of people who look at their lives as beautifully as we do, they are as resourceful and active as we are, even if some of them can no longer see the daylight. It was an honor and a joy for me to visit them, to see them, to listen to their beautiful songs, to admire their creations and just feel their human warmth. And of course, in addition to our presence, we came with a small support for more than 100 people: food and a projector that will give them the opportunity to adapt films or lessons for the blind. I confess that these wonderful people became a discovery for me, they truly impressed me, putting their hearts and souls in everything they do. We sincerely thank them for the invitation. Before the weekend, I received a lot of positive energy from people who today once again convinced me that if there is passion and desire, no deficiencies can be an obstacle or an excuse.