02 Oct

Start your week with a donation

Let's start the week with a beautiful act!

We want to thank everyone who donated clothes, food and hygiene products. Many families would be happy to get at least minimal assistance. In Moldova, there are many families living in extreme poverty. Tamara Bubuiok visited and blessed the 3 families from Sangera. Some of them are living in conditions we haven’t even imagined.

Once again we begin to collect clothes, food and hygiene products, money, toys or everything else you are willing to donate.

We have only one big request - please try to donate clean clothes that are in good condition - if you make a good deed, do it beautifully.

From the heart one can do great things. Start a new week with a donation, because many little angels need us. 

Telephone number: 068 439 407 - Tamara.

Thank you!