06 Mar

Thanks to a devoted donor, the Cislari family has a new home!

What do we know about strength and courage? Perhaps, not everything... For us Natalia is a heroine, as well as Valerii who is a worthy father! Being in wheelchairs, after the fate was cruel to them, they managed not only to survive, but also to create a family, to give birth to a beautiful and perfectly healthy child. Today, they all three live together in their new home. Do you remember the conditions in which they lived? Today, their lives have changed, and we are proud to be a part of this little miracle! Therefore, I would like to thank the person who donated the full amount for the apartment and repairs, and to tell her that I love her for what she does and for who she is. The apartment is provided with all the necessary conditions and they really like it here. We visited them and congratulated little Albert, who turned one. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who helped this family. A big hug for all of you.