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05 Sep

Today is the international charity day! Become a hero for ill children and save lives for $ 2 a month.

Dear friends, today is the international charity day, the day when all of us can rejoice for the lives we saved, for all good deeds, because with a thought, a noble gesture and a smile, we managed to create a miracle. Today, more than ever, we say a huge THANK YOU to our dear donors, our big family, because, thanks to our generosity, we  bring people joy. We are very grateful to you for taking care of those who suffer and requires help. Every month we thank our heroes, we already have 523 subscribers who support people in need, support children who have cancer with a simple, generous gesture. A small monthly donation of two dollars can change destiny and save lives. But we can become better, we can save even more lives, because charity unites us, generous and kind people. Everyone can donate monthly for children with cancer of 2, 5 or even 10 dollars. Here you can subscribe to a monthly donation to save lives:

In this video there are several happy stories about those who defeated cancer: