06 Mar

Visiting the Elderly of Moldova

Emotions, happiness, satisfaction, pity - all these feelings for one day ... This happens when we visit the elderly. Every time I wonder how do they resist? In the face of loneliness. In the face of poverty. How...? How disappointed are they in life? How do they feel when they see the world today? It is sad to see them so helpless. But old age can be different ... and little by little we try to bring them joy and put a smile on their faces... It is very important for them not to feel forgotten ... to feel that someone cares about them. Many thanks to those who donated for the campaign dedicated to the elderly, and continue to support us. We dream that one day there will be no houses that we haven’t visited to offer them a few moments of happiness. At the end of the day we are exhausted, but very happy and satisfied that we managed to put a smile on their faces. Dear friends, give emotions, give hope for tomorrow. They need us. Look how happy they are to see us.