21 Sep

When human kindness reaches the most desperate souls! Rodica Cretu thanks us for a dream come true!

Over the years, we have seen how the basic the needs of people with disabilities turn into dreams for them, given the simple fact that the disability pension in Moldova is so miserable. But when, dear friends, we manage together to make a "dream" come true, when we tell a disabled person that soon their long-awaited wish will come true ... we become witnesses of real and true happiness ... Today the dream of a young woman, Rodica Cretu, who has been waiting for years to have an electric wheelchair, came true thanks to us, people with kind hearts... Thank you very much, we bow before you for all these unique and special moments, for the help provided to those who do not ask for much, those who have modest dreams that we are able to bring to life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This young woman's expression speaks for itself ...

P.S ... Before taking the picture, Rodica cried, because she still could not believe that from now on she 
would use a comfortable, new wheelchair. Thank you, guardian angels, for making good deeds in this troubled world ... Rodica hugs you and thanks you for fulfilling her DREAM!