About Us

Caritate.md – is a crowdfunding platform, or in other words, a resource for collective fundraising. With us anyone can create their own project for collection of cash under the terms of voluntary contributions from donors.

By taking the initiative to Caritate.md and by creating your own project on collective fundraising, you can actively and effectively help the people in need by assisting them in producing new high-quality products, at the same time supporting local producers, in implementing a unique service, in organizing various social events, in promoting of young talents or even for saving somenone’s life.

Our goals are to harmonize and optimize social, humanitarian, cultural and economic spheres of our society. By participating in projects of Caritate.md you are involved in an active process and make an invaluable contribution to the transformation of economic and social life of the Republic of Moldova.

You can choose any convenient form of participation in a landof generosity called Caritate.md by taking part as an initiator of your own fundraising project, as donor for existing projects, as partner or as a direct beneficiary.

We believe that united, each of us can help individual people, as well as contribute to a positive global change in our society.

Everyone can create and realize an initiative to improve the overall situation by individual successful projects.

We believe that by using the help of active citizens and people with ideas, we will create an effective mechanism for mutual assistance that will useful to all parties.