A call for solidarity to help the residents of Hansca village

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On the evening of June 21, 2020, the village of Hansca, in Ialoveni district, was affected by devastating floods. People with pain and tears in their eyes watched as the flood took away all that they gathered during their lives. After the disaster calmed down, there were lots of damaged houses and walls, clogged roads and bridges, dirty wells, stones and trash, damaged crops. Exhausted people pull water and dirt out of their homes and pray that for the rain to stop.

Seven households suffered the most: damaged houses, destroyed machinery and farmland, demolished fences, destroyed agricultural equipment, damaged grain stocks and poultry. Furniture and household goods collected during all their lives were completely destroyed. Poor families affected by this natural disaster pray to God and ask people of good will to help them in order to restore their homes and households, staying in which, at the moment, is life threatening.

We are making a public appeal to all those who care, to people with kind hearts, to help us raise funds in support of these families.

Only our solidarity can help them in these difficult moments of life!

Campaign began in 27 June 2020
In how many days was collected 129
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