A call for urgent help to little Victor Moiseev

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A message from his mother:

 Hello, I am the mother of this little angel, whom I have been waiting for a long time. The pregnancy was going very well, even in the womb he was a playful and very active child ... I never thought that my baby would be born with such serious health problems. In the first minutes of his life, the child was urgently transported by Aviasan to the Institute of Mother and Child. For a month and a half, the child has been in the intensive care unit, while my husband is fighting for his life abroad, as he was diagnosed with cancer. We really hoped that the doctors would give us good news, but, unfortunately, the situation proved to be very serious. His lung is not completely formed, and our baby breathes only through an apparatus. The only solution is to transport him urgently abroad on a private jet: it costs about $ 16,000, while the sum for lung surgery and full lung recovery reach $69,080. I ask you from the bottom of my heart, as a mother, to help me bring my child back to life. It is very painful to wait for so long and not even be able to hold him. Our grief and our tragedy have no end: first, my husband, who is also sick and now, since our baby is between life and death, his health has deteriorated even more, and we, here at home, continue to live in despair and are very saddened by what is happening in our family ...

Campaign began in 24 September 2021
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