From the Heart to Ivan Vicol

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Age 35 years
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Hello, kind-hearted people. I reach out to you with a desperate plea.

Our family is facing a severe crisis that has struck my brother.

On February 13th, all our hopes and plans were shattered when he suddenly experienced a severe headache. He was urgently hospitalized, where a brain aneurysm and a subarachnoid hemorrhage were diagnosed, leading to complications. Following this, he underwent numerous surgeries, and now his life is being sustained by machines for 14 days.
He's young, only 35 years old, and he's not giving up, while doctors are fighting for his life.
Currently, Ivan is being treated in a specialized clinic in Germany, but the cost of treatment is beyond our means. We sincerely ask for your help. It's very hard for us, and without your support, we cannot manage the financial aspect of my brother's treatment.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Campaign began in 20 February 2024
In how many days was collected 59
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