A School Bag for Everyone

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I don’t know if you wondered how many children drop out of school every year, but every time I visit children in pain, I understand how difficult it is for them to start a new  school year. We are far from statistics, figures, but we are close to people, to children from the villages of Moldova, and we know that the situation is very serious. The situation is alarming because we know that education is of paramount importance for future generations, and there are children that have nothing to go to school with. The situation is also alarming when we ask children if they are waiting for the new school year, and they are ashamed to tell us that they do not have school supplies, school backpacks, shoes, clothes. These are true stories of children who have done nothing wrong in their lives, but are forced to drop out of school due to a lack of these basic things. Last year, our team selected several children and gave them the opportunity to prepare for the school year, and this year we want to launch a social campaign "A School Bag for Everyone" to help them feel what it means to get ready for school, to feel like us, when we were children shopping with our parents for notebooks, pens, pencil cases and other accessories that brought us joy. Dear friends, a small gesture on your part can lead to big changes for these children at the beginning of their life. We invite all of you, in addition to the donation that will give them a school bag full of school supplies, to leave a message for these wonderful children, and we will attach this message to each school bag, a message these children will undoubtedly remember for a lifetime. Let's invest in the present and make the future of our children to be worthy and good.

Campaign began in 11 August 2021
In how many days was collected 23
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11 Aug, 2021

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