Be the Christmas in the hearts of vulnerable children, 3rd edition

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All that comes to mind when we think about the winter holidays is the family, the home, the gifts and carols, the people we love, the smell of oranges and many more little joys brought to us by Christmas ... We organize the 3rd edition of the Christmas campaign ... and all that we saw as part of our previous campaigns, wandering through the villages, is a reality that sometimes can leave speachless ... this is another world where children freeze, they have no reason to be happy, their holidays are different ... without hope, without joy and without any dishes on the table ... If you ever wondered where you can find the purest, unconditional and warm smiles, know that they can be found in rural residents, children, the elderly, in poor families. The gates that we open on the eve of the holidays year after year, are filled with love, joy and hope for another Christmas. We help hundreds of children, hundreds of families who hug us with their smiles, full of sorrow and sadness. Dear friends, as part of the 3rd edition of the Christmas campaign, we invite you to share the happiness and Christmas mood with these children, full of sorrow and problems, but with great hopes and beliefs in PEOPLE. Let's try to show them that Christmas can be different, let's not forget that in our little Moldova there are too many children, old people in vulnerable situations, let's help them a little with their worries and problems, and bring the spirit of the holidays to their home. Together we can share the joy of Christmas with those who need it. Along with them, we can become happier on Christmas Eve, because our gift will make the child smile at the Christmas table.

Campaign began in 27 October 2019
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