Be the Christmas in the hearts of vulnerable children, 4th edition

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Dear friends, this year, during the winter holidays, our thoughts are directed to people who most of all need joy, hope and support. As always, during the winter holidays, we visit children in need, visit the elderly to bring them light and a smile on their face. This year we will try to alleviate their fate, light up the fire in their hearts and bring them the spirit of winter holidays. We want to become Santa Claus for as many children as possible, to sing them beautiful carols and offer them kindness, hope and love, as we always did. We invite each of you for Christmas to become kinder and to help as many children as possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the magic of Christmas.

Campaign began in 25 November 2021
In how many days was collected 38
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Andrei Santevoi 1 Jan, 2022 19:08 12
21 MDL
Craciun Fericit!
Anonymous donation 1 Jan, 2022 14:08 71
50 EUR
Anonymous donation 1 Jan, 2022 09:11 6
200 MDL
Liuba Portarescu 31 Dec, 2021 20:09 7
25 EUR
Bucurie străină nu există!! Un an nou frumos și fericit să aibă toți copilașii lumii.
Angela Bejan 31 Dec, 2021 17:42 2
20 USD
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