From the heart to Oleg Chirilov

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A message from his son:

Please don't remain indifferent and help my father overcome a serious illness!!!

My name is Denis and I am 23 years old. I am turning to all of you with a cry for help. Recently, after a routine ultrasound, my father was diagnosed with 3 liver metastases. After a full examination, he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. At that moment, our whole world turned upside down. My dad is the brightest person I know. All my life he has been a true example for me. A model family man, a loving father, and husband.

Now he requires treatment that we cannot afford to pay on our own. My dad has provided support and help, including financial assistance to those in need, without expecting anything in return. This gives me hope and faith that there are many people among you, people of goodwill, capable of sincere and selfless help.

Campaign began in 13 April 2023
In how many days was collected 58
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Будьте здоровы!
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