From heart to Valeriu Busuioc

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Name Valeriu
Age 62 years
Amount required 55,000 Moldova Lei

  • Last Name: Busuioc
    • Surname: Valeriu
    • Age: 62
    • Required assistance:Prosthetic device
    • Required amount: 5500 Euro
    • Treatment: Moldova

A message from daughter:

My father's name is Valeriu. He is not just a talented journalist, translator, broadcaster, he has an incredibly strong spirit - a man with a great vision and a bright dream. In his youth, he was fond of many sports, he was always engaged in self-development and led a healthy lifestyle. By ridiculous chance during regular physical exercises, he was injured in the hip joint, but did not give due attention to this wound.

During all this time, the damaged joint has become completely useless and he walks now with difficulty even with a cane. Therefore, he is not able to go to work and earns his money by working at home, translating various texts. The money he makes are sufficient only for the basic needs, while his health is getting worse. Due to a sedentary lifestyle, the legs swell up, physical exertion and movement are strictly prohibited, as the bone can crumble at any awkward move. At the hospital, they told us that our case is not hopeless, we need a prosthetic device that costs about 5,500 Euros – a sum that is huge for our family. It is very difficult to see your father helpless, to see that he cannot enjoy the beautiful moments in life, to walk with his beloved grandson. Please help us fulfill the dream of our father and to put him on his feet.

Campaign began in 16 November 2018
In how many days was collected 159
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Multa sanatate!
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Totul va fi bine. Dumnezeu să te ajute.
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Multa sanatate tatului DVS!!!!
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