From the heart for Anghelina Nita

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Name Anghelina Nita
Age 18 years
Amount required 6,000 Euro
Treatment Romania
Diagnostic Car accident

A message from mother:
On August 27, 2019 our daughter Nita Anghelina, while crossing the street in Tiraspol, was hit by a car. As a result of this accident, our daughter had a severe cranial injury, a double multi-fragmented fracture of both bones of the left lower leg. From August 27, 2019 to January 5, 2020, she underwent treatment in various medical institutions in Tiraspol and Chisinau, where her condition was stabilized. Our daughter practically did not talk, she could not move and a gastrostomy was placed. We went for rehabilitation to Romania. During rehabilitation, our daughter's condition improved, she started to talk a little, eat through her mouth. Now we are at the emergency hospital in Chisinau, where we removed the gastrostomy. In a month, we need to go for rehabilitation to Romania again, but we require additional funds. We ask all those who care to help our daughter return to a normal life, she is our only child and it breaks our heart when we see how she suffers. We beg you to help us, people of goodwill, help us put our beloved daughter on her feet.

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