From the heart for Denis Sodiev

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Name Denis Sodiev
Age 6 years
Amount required 35,500 US Dollar
Treatment Turkey
Diagnostic Infantile Spastic Tetraparesis

A message from mother:

Greetings. Our family has four children and the second one has serious health problems (infantile spastic tetraparesis). After multiple expensive examinations, treatments and rehabilitation, consultations with doctors and professors, we decided to go abroad. The analyzes carried out there showed that we require a surgery, which is much too expensive for our our family. Unfortunately, we cannot cope with this situation by ourselves and I ask all of you to support us and give our child a chance to live without suffering. We believe and we hope that your generosity will help us save our little boy. We dream of the day when Denis will be able to walk again and enjoy life.

Everyday we pray to God and we hope that our message will be heard.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Campaign began in 9 February 2021
In how many days was collected 308
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