From the heart for Mihail Grecu

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Name Mihail Grecu
Age 30 years
Amount required 2,400 Euro
Treatment Romania
Diagnostic Prosthetic leg

A message from Mihail:
Hello, my name is Mihail, I was born with one leg and until 2017 I lived only in boarding schools. Now I have my own family, my own household and a little son named Christian, who will turn one in December. I work with my wife - Maria sews bags using eco-friendly materials (social entrepreneurial activity), and I help her. We provide for ourselves, we have several domestic animals and a little garden by the house. I want to find a stable job, but it’s very difficult for me, because I am disabled. I need a prosthesis to walk on my own two feet. Now I walk using two crutches. I sincerely would like to hold my son's hand when he starts walking and want to have a job so that I can support my family. I require another 2,400 euros to get a chance to walk on my own. From November 10 to November 15 I have to go for prosthetics, but, unfortunately, we have nowhere to get the necessary amount. I ask all people of goodwill, from the bottom of my heart, please help me, any of your donations will be very important to me.

Thank you!

Campaign began in 24 October 2019
In how many days was collected 8
Created P CaritateMD
Region r. Hâncești, s. Lăpușna
Category Social
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24 Oct, 2019

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