From the heart for Sahzoda Adinaev

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Name Adinaev Sahzoda
Age 3 years
Amount required 28,500 Euro
Treatment Turkey
Diagnostic Brain tumor

A message from her mother:

Aproximately 4 months ago I noticed that my little girl's hand started shaking. After that, we underwent numerous examinations, we were often hospitalized, because the girl was feeling worse and worse, and I could not understand what was wrong with her. We decided to go to the oncological center and there, after a few examinations, the doctors told me that the girl has a brain tumor and the situation is extremely serious. I could not accept that and decided to go a long way to find a chance to save my little girl. We got this chance in a foreign clinic, but we require a surgery that costs a lot of money. I cannot afford to pay such a sum, I am raising two children, my family has a modest income, and I am very afraid of losing my little girl. Please help me save my daughter, we are on the verge of despair, and I do not know who else to turn to.

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