From the Heart for Xenia Bandă

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Age 9 years
Amount required 14,700 Euro

A message from her  mother:

Greetings,  people of goodwill, I come to you with a desperate plea. My 9-year-old daughter is suffering from a rare disease that affects her vision. We are truly desperate and have searched everywhere to find out what is wrong and why she is losing her vision, as Xenia is in a sad and depressed state. She doesn't understand what's happening... It breaks my heart to see her crying and asking if there's a chance for her to see again. She goes to school and wants to learn very much, but it's very hard for her. 

We are urgently expected at a clinic in Georgia, where we have sent all the analyses done in Moldova and Germany. They have informed us that my daughter urgently requires surgery. I implore you from the bottom of my heart to help me so that my daughter does not lose her sight forever. For several months, we haven't known what peace is, the amount is significant for us, and we desperately need your support.

We, Xenia's parents, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and may God bless You.

Campaign began in 26 January 2024
In how many days was collected 37
Created P CaritateMD
Region R. Glodeni s. Danu
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Creanga Dorian 1 Mar, 2024 10:26 4
385 MDL
Darul de a deschide ochii si a vedea clar lumea, natura, oamenii dragi - este ceea ce noi toti il avem, dar inca nu suntem constienti cat de vital este.
Anonymous donation 29 Feb, 2024 21:18 57
2,000 MDL
Anonymous donation 29 Feb, 2024 21:16 57
2,000 MDL
Nelea Cazacu 29 Feb, 2024 16:34 86
10 USD
Cristina Winkler 29 Feb, 2024 00:10 10
20 USD
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