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Alena's message: 

Good afternoon! My name is Alena Casim and I'm from Ceadir-Lunga! I come from a modest family and I was brought up only by my mother... I am 30 years old and I am also raising my son by myself! No matter how painful it sounds to me, I am disabled! In September 2019, I also was diagnosed with ACUTE LEUKEMIA! Every month for three years I went to Chisinau for chemotherapy! Thank God, the last chemotherapy session took place in July 2022... On August 2, a trepanation biopsy was performed (a bone marrow sample was taken to confirm remission). 

And yes... the remission was confirmed. 

I became the happiest person and gradually I returned to my normal life... with my worries, work, child, routine... but it didn't last long... the remission lasted only 4 months and... again puncture, again hours of waiting, hoping to hear: "The disease is in remission", but my body decided for me ... it turned out that the bone marrow is 68% filled with blast cells (cancer cells) ... Until the last moment, I hoped that it wouldn’t happen .. But life presented me with a dilemma... I require tests, a bone marrow transplant, they don't do all this in our country. I know that we are living in difficult times... But I ask for your help, because I WANT TO LIVE! I want to raise and educate my child... I am young, I have a lot ahead of me, but because of this disease, my life can end at any moment! I wish to hear the words "you are fine/ healthy", I want to return to my old life: work, home, child, worries, routine ... but now my life consists of drop counters, oncology institutes, hospital beds and uncertainty about my future! Don't take this as rudeness, but please help me! I need your help to go to Istanbul because I don't even have money for a ticket, let alone money for tests, consultations and/or my stay there! I ask you, not for me, but for my son, who can become an orphan ... There are many of us who need help, but today I also dare to ask for your help to save my life, I have no other chance and I believe that God and people with kind hearts will help me. Thank you! 

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