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Updated on 16.01 at 15:30: A message from his father: Dear people of goodwill, thank you very much for your moral and financial support, we are full of emotions and really appreciate your receptivity. We bow to you for everything you do for our son. I have no words to express our gratitude. I am writing this message to you because I would like to provide some clarifications. We talk to doctors every day to find out what the total cost of treatment is. At the moment, the clinic cannot tell us the exact amount of treatment, because we have to undergo several chemotherapy and radiation therapy sessions, afterwards we will undergo several tests, and only then, the doctors will tell us when Alexandr will be prepared for surgery. During the last conversations with the doctors, they told us that the estimated cost of the entire treatment (meaning at least 8 months plus surgery, rehabilitation) will reach 100,000 euros. Let's just say we're emotionally drained. But since yesterday we have received tremendous support fromyou all, I believe that my son has a chance at life. Your support has strengthened us and gives us confidence in this ruthless struggle between life and death. Thank you, we will keep you informed of all the changes and the entire treatment. We really need your help, and I kneel before all of you, because my son's life is costing us dearly.

A message from parents:

We, Ghenadie Partasco and Ala Patrascoare asking for your help to save our son Alexandr. He was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare form of cancer. For adequate and effective treatment, we visited many foreign clinics, and in November he underwent the first treatment procedure. The treatment will be long (depending on the dynamics - 6-12-18 months) and very expensive. The total cost of the entire course of treatment at the moment cannot be determined by the clinic, since it will vary depending on the test results. At the moment, on our own and with the help of friends and relatives, we have spent about 35,000 euros, but now we simply donțt have the necessary means for our son to continue this vital treatment. The surgery is expected in April, and its cost will be determined by the clinic only in March-April, after which a course of treatment will be carried out for up to one year. Our family's budget is exhausted and we are on the verge of despair because the treatment cannot be stopped. People with kind heart, we respectfully ask each of you to help us in this fight for our son's life. We beg you to help us with any donation, they mean everything to us.

Thank you in advance.

Note: (The indicated sum is based on the invoice received for the next stage of treatment and is not final)

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