From the heart to Alexandru Bodolan

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Name Bodolan Alexandru
Age 34 years
Amount required 65,400 US Dollar

Name: Alexandru
Surname: Bodolan
Age: 34 
Required Amount: $ 65,400
Treatment: Belarus

A message from the family:

Please help us save a human life. Bodolan Alexandru Mihailovici is only 34 years old, he is a loving son, husband and father of two children. He has a serious illness, his diagnosis is: chronic kidney disease in 5th degree, chronic glomerulonephritis, urinary syndrome, nifrosclerosis, nephrogenic arterial hypertension 3rddegree, stage I risk.

Alexandru’s life is now supported by medicines and hemodialysis. Three times a week he spend 4 hours at a device that cleans his blood. He is literally tied to it because skipping a single procedure can be fatal and cause serious medical problems. Hemodialysis also has side effects (exhaustion, seizures, vomiting, deafness, hypotension, confusion, and a decrease in mental potential).

This situation is a real nightmare that can be imagined only by those who also underwent this procedure. Therefore, it is necessary, as soon as possible to carry out transplant, in order to get rid of these procedures. His life now depends on a kidney transplantation, but the sum we have to pay is too big for our family, it is simply unreal. This is his only chance and we ask all of you to help us, because we believe that everyone can make a good deed and save this young man who is also a loving son, a father and a husband.

In the heart of everyone there is a place of kindness! With deepest respect to all of you, Alexandru’s wife and children ask you to help them.

Thank you for your kindness!

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In how many days was collected 300
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