From the heart to Marina Lungu

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Age 40 years
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A message from Mrs Marina:

Hello, my name is Lungu Marina and I decided to tell you a little story of my life. I am a 40-year-old woman, mother of two boys. I am a cheerful, hardworking, resourceful person, but in my personal life I wasn’t so happy. I was married to a man who was addicted to alcohol, all the money he spent on booze and when he drank, he behaved aggressively. The police were always at our doors.

I raised and educated two boys without the help of my husband. Then I got a job, but I was barely earning enough money to support my family.

However, the problems did not end there, and everything became much more complicated. My nightmare started in mid-August 2021. It was an ordinary working day on the railway, where I was performing my duties. A second later, the railway wagon hatch broke and fell on my foot. The consequences were serious. An ambulance immediately arrived and I was taken to the hospital. After the examination, the leg was amputated. Therefore, I lost my leg and remained helpless...

In order to undergo rehabilitation and return to normal, I require a leg prosthesis. From a clinic, I received positive news about the prosthesis, but there is a huge problem: I don’t have money to buy it...

I’m desperate and I ask for your support. Please help me be the mother of my children, enjoy my life with them, be able to work and overcome all these difficulties. I sincerely ask you to help me in any way you can. It is very difficult for me to ask for your support, but, unfortunately, I have no one else to turn to.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and may God bless you for your kindness!

Campaign began in 21 October 2021
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