From the heart to Jenea Munteanu

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Age 61 years
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A message from her family: 

Hello, our names are Tatiana and Silvia Munteanu. Sometimes life sends us difficult challenges and this probably to make us stronger, and now we are going through a similar challenge.
My mother was recently diagnosed with a disease, which brings nothing but fear, helplessness and hopelessness…
Colon cancer.
We are lucky to live in a world where medicine and the skill of our doctors allow us to quickly and successfully treat such cases, and we are confident that we can defeat it. We understand how difficult it is for everyone , but we really need your help... The cost of treatment is currently beyond our financial capabilities and time is running mercilessly... We appeal to all our friends, to those who know us and to those who can make a donation to save the life of this dear person.
Thank you!

Campaign began in 11 March 2023
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