From the heart to Cristian Staver

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Age 27 years
Amount required 300,000 Euro

A desperate message from his mother: 

Greetings, people of goodwill. Unfortunately, we have to ask for your help. Only with your support, we can offer him a chance to live.

On July 9th, he became a victim of an accident, as a result of a collision between a motorcycle and a car. Cristian, who is 27 years old, suffered serious injuries. He underwent surgery and endured numerous painful procedures. After such a long battle for life, we were informed that only a surgery in Germany can save him. The cost of the surgery is over 300,000 euros, a truly colossal amount, but it is urgently needed... We beg to you to stand by us in these difficult moments and help us raise this sum.

Too much suffering for such a young soul!!!

I mourn and implore you to help me save my son. I sincerely thank you, and may God bless you and protect you.

Campaign began in 9 August 2023
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