From the heart to Ana Todorciuc

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A message from her friends: 

At an age when she should be enjoying life with loved ones and guiding her sweet 4-year-old boy through childhood, Ana Todorciuc, a graduate of the "Nicolae Botgros" College of Arts in Soroca and a cash planning and monitoring specialist, is fighting for her LIFE. Ana has been diagnosed with acute leukemia, and the disease is progressing rapidly and manifesting itself in an extremely aggressive form. Survival is the highest stake in the race against time, and Ana's chance at life is a bone marrow transplant outside our country, which comes at a huge cost. 

Any gesture of goodwill, no matter how small, is a tremendous help for Ana, and it offers her son the opportunity to continue enjoying the warmth and love of his mother. 

In this fight for survival, any donation is welcome.

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