From the heart to Andrei Brazda

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Age 11 years
Amount required 80,000 Euro

A message from his mom:

Greetings, people of goodwill. I am the mother of this wonderful child who suffers from a serious illness: aplastic anemia. For a year now, my child has been suffering from this terrible disease... he is covered in bruises, he’s very weak, he has fever, sometimes he lies in bed for several days and my heart breaks that I cannot help him with anything. The doctors told me that the only chance to save my child is a stem cell transplant, which can only be made abroad. Please help me save my child from this terrible disease. The transplant, the examinations, and the rehabilitation amount to an unthinkable sum of money, which I cannot afford, because I am raising the children by myself. I desperately ask and beg you to help me save my child.

Campaign began in 4 April 2023
In how many days was collected 37
Created P CaritateMD
Region orașul Slobozia
Category Social
TCACI NATALIA 10 May, 2023 19:50
200 MDL
ajutor material pu Brazdă Andrei
Natalia Turcan 9 May, 2023 14:37 33
50 EUR
Anonymous donation 9 May, 2023 06:32 497
În numele Domnului și a Maicii Domnului din partea Ecaterinei
Anonymous donation 9 May, 2023 01:48 2
1,000 MDL
Anonymous donation 9 May, 2023 00:06 16
12 MDL
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15 May, 2023
4 Apr, 2023

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