From the heart to Andrei Grajdean 2

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Name Andrei Grajdean
Age 27 years
Amount required 9,890 US Dollar
Treatment Russia
Diagnostic Immobilized in a wheelchair - kinesiotherapy and physiotherapy procedures

A message from the young man:

My name is Andrei Grajdean , I was born with the first degree of disability ... fighting with 40% of the paralyzed body, I reached the second degree of disability. I fought for my life for many years, underwent many operations and treatments. When I was only 9 years old, my father passed away and I became an orphan. An orphan, a second-degree disabled person and the only man in the family, I tried to earn my living by working in Moscow in a company where I did simple jobs: I prepared boxes for packaging goods, because I could not do more complex jobs, like other men. On the evening of February 7, 2016, I was beaten and humiliated by a drunken man. Although five years have passed since then, I still cannot figure out how he could have done it. When he beat me, I asked him to calm down, but he didn't comply... I felt his heavy breathing, he turned my head with both hands and I felt a strong crack ... After some time, opening my eyes, I saw my crying mom and three doctors who were trying to figure out what happened ... I tried to move, but I couldn't. I looked at my mother, all in tears and realized that something was wrong ... After 2 days I found out that I require an urgent surgery on my spine. I underwent this expensive surgery that was fully paid by the company. After a while I was discharged, I returned to Moldova, but not on my own legs, but in a wheelchair. During one year I was encouraged and supported by my relatives, I underwent various procedures, physiotherapy, massages, which helped me restore the upper body, but I could not get up on my feet. Now I need to go to a rehabilitation center in Russia to undergo physiotherapy procedures ... after which the doctors give me a guarantee that within 6 months I will be able to walk again. But in order to do that, I require a huge amount of money. I really need your help ... people with kind hearts, who can give me a chance to walk again, please help me. At the moment I live only with my mother and sister ... I am a young man, I am 27 years old, and I really want to get back on my feet, but, unfortunately, I cannot raise the necessary sum for the treatment and rehabilitation. I believe in God and I hope that there are good people, people of goodwill, who can help me. With your help, I will have a chance for a new life.

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Multă sănătate!fii tare!
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