From the heart to Anisia Bors

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Name Anisia Bors
Age 3 years
Amount required 95,000 US Dollar
Treatment India, Germany
Diagnostic Heart transplant

Hello, my name is Bors Ana and I have a wonderful little girl. I waited a long time for my little Anisia and I was very happy when she was born. It was the greatest happiness after a spontaneous abortion and after the death of our second child, it was a miracle that came true. The day after birth, we were told that it was necessary to examine her heart, I was very scared and did not know what to expect. Two months later, she was diagnosed with a congenital malformation. After 7 months, the first surgery was performed, and analyzes showed that everything was in order and that the second surgery would most likely be required at the age of 10-15. We were the happiest people in the world and thought that everything went well. But the situation was much worse and a year after the examinations, we were informed that another urgent surgery is required, because the valve is broken and the girl has a heart failure 4+. We were desperate, Anisia underwent the surgery and then followed five hours of waiting. We underwent all the necessary examinations and analyzes, because we lived in fear that the situation would could worsen. We experienced many difficulties, and now when the girl is three years old, we are forced to continue our struggle, as we were told that our only salvation is a heart transplant. Then I felt that I could lose my little girl. In India, this surgery costs $ 95,000 and this is an unbearable amount for us. The only hope for us to hug our little girl and not lose her, are the donations of kind people. She is the most precious thing we have and I ask you from the bottom of my heart to help us. We are a simple and modest family, and we are not able to raise such a sum of money.

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Dumnezeu si Maicuta Domnului sa te binecuvanteze cu multa multa sanatate si putere sa te faci bine cat mai curand ingeras micut!
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