From the heart to Artiom Filipciuc

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Name Artiom Filipciuc
Age 3 years
Amount required 250,000 Euro
Treatment Romania
Diagnostic Spinal muscular amyotrophy, third type

A message from his mother:

Our son was born healthy, he started to crawl, at 10 months he was performing all the actions as good as his his peers. He developed well, grew up as a strong and very intelligent child. But to our great regret, after 1.5 years, we began to notice that Artiom had difficulties, namely, he could not run, jump, and we also noticed that the legs became weak. Over time, he stopped climbing the stairs. We had numerous visits to doctors, and finally we found out the diagnosis ... Spinal muscular amyotrophythe third type. Now Artiom is able to walk, but rather slowly. Our only way to keep him on his feet is the treatment using "Spinraza", which is very expensive. We sincerely ask you to help us put our sun on his feet ... Unfortunately, the disease is progressing and at any moment its condition may worsen. In Moldovaunfortunately, there are no medicines to treat and stop the development of the disease. We wish you all the best.

P.S The indicated sum шт in the documents is only for one bottle.

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