From the Heart to Aurelia Cușnir

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Dear people of goodwill, my name is Irina Spinei, and I would like to share with you the story of my mother, Aurelia Cușnir, who is 58 years old and recently faced a tremendous challenge. Last month, she was diagnosed with lung cancer, a diagnosis that shook our entire family. It all started two years ago, in 2022, when my mother contracted the COVID-19 virus. After recovering, she began to experience symptoms such as persistent coughing, which was initially treated according to standard protocols for post-viral respiratory diseases. Only in December 2023, after numerous examinations and incorrect diagnoses, it was discovered that the coughing problem was not related to the thyroid gland or an allergy to the antihypertensive drugs she takes daily, but was the result of advanced pneumonia, which led to the discovery of a malignant tumor - adenocarcinoma, a diagnosis that is hard for all of us to accept. The cost of treatment in one of the best clinics in Germany is 75,000 euros, an amount that our family, unfortunately, cannot cover. We ask for your support, no matter how small or large your contribution may be, to help us give my mother a chance to fight this merciless disease.

Any donation, whether material or emotional, is of great importance to us and will be accepted with an open heart and endless gratitude.

With gratitude, Irina Spinei and her family!

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